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My professional accomplishments can be viewed on my CV here. Scroll down for a glimpse into my passion projects, creative pursuits and more!

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Digital Art

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Co-ordinated with key players to launch and manage Polimoda brand properties: Polimoda Journal (including Rendezvous, Polimoda People, Letter to the Future). 

Tipsy Compass


Partnered with boutique hotels, creatives, local business owners, artists and musicians to create a unique trip itinerary through Rajasthan. Sold my first group trip for February 2020 which was unfortunately cancelled due to the onset of the pandemic.  

Swarang Designs

I worked with Swarang, a contemporary accessories label incorporating Indian art forms in each collection. I assisted in outlining the brand's overall social media marketing strategy and visual brand identity. 


Personal Art


I have recently been working on a Watercolour Series titled 'Inner Demons', inspired by the Buddhist ideology about feeding one's demons. 

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